Artist Profile

Painting is a state of being synchronous for me, or you can call it also being present, slowing down to reconnect again with nature and the universe. I’m inspired by my everyday life, interested in treasuring the local, the small scale, the eccentric, the ordinary in a solid but elegant manner.

What I want to express the most is how I lived that moment. I like to believe what delights and engages me will probably interest others. I am solely who I am: the combination of my knowledge and understanding of life and my belief system. If I had to use just one word to describe my goal in life and painting, that would be awareness.

Artist statement

The right composition is the hardest and most important bit for me, seeing beyond the distractions of details is an absurd challenge. Although, when I have found the core, the it-ness of my subject, I’m safe from there. Thereafter, I confidently paint in my classical manner, with a few colours building up my layers. Only gentle touches on the linen.

How do I actually make my pieces? Someone told me not to dare start a painting until I already had done forty sketches. I make micro oil paintings to capture the spontaneous events of my day. It is a kind of sacred ceremony, but also a fun tribute to my life just before bedtime.

I choose oil for its delicacy, endless variability to interpret the meaning of my ideas. I love this medium for that reason. By using oil you also become part of its history, one of a long list of artists who have developed both themselves and the medium at the same time.

I have finished a piece when there is nothing left to answer. The feeling of victory that follows that moment compares to nothing.

Beatrix's Exhibitions

  •  2010 Pachino’s Restaurant Dublin
  •  2011 Exchange, Temple Bar Dublin
  •  2012 Culture Box Dublin
  •  2013 Lantern Center Dublin
  •  2014 Smoke Alley Theater Dublin
  •  2016-Filmbase Temple Bar Dublin
  •  2017 The Red Bank Wine Tavern
  •  2018 Third Space Cafe-solo exhibition
  •  2019 Trinity College