Two-Day Drawing Class motivated by the technique of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Learn to draw in a way you never thought possible

“You can learn to draw, you just might not believe it and this is often the first stumbling block to attaining a new skill”. Betty Edwards (Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain)

  • Discussion: What is the ideal environment for creating art?

  • How to set up a mini studio at home for immediate use

  • What equipment is required to succeed in drawing?

  •  Meditation and discussion of the method to follow

Saturday 10.00am-3.00pm:

At the forefront of this discussion is our brains, and how they work . Our mental state influences the way we think, the way we see and the way we draw. This is especially true when we observe the right hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for visual thinking.

Operating in everyday life we mostly use the left hemisphere of the brain to complete our tasks. Our entire education system is based on, and supports the development of left hemisphere thinking.

If you feel unbalanced sometimes, uncertain during the day or just unable to draw that is absolutely normal. Half of the brain – the right half – is actually not in use most of the time.
It is possible to activate the right hemisphere of the brain, anywhere, any time with awareness. Techniques such as meditation, soothing music, yoga and Tai-chi all change the circulation and energy flow of the body, enhancing creative ways of thinking and seeing.

This course is also great for building self confidence.

Sunday 10:00am-3.00pm

We break down visual problems into simple steps. Using practical exercises throughout the course we improve the five elements of drawing all together (outlines, positive-negative shapes, compositions, values, unity) On each level we add something new to every element.

Beatrix prepares tasks according to each student’s concentration, skills, interests and speed. The students do a number of preliminary drawing exercises with the goal of finishing a self-portrait at the end of the second day.

In this context students learn a lot from each other. The feedback helps the students to see their art and themselves from a different perspective.This technique enables the artist to leave their less successful habits behind and start with a new, fresh approach. Students help to keep each other motivated.

Essential Infos before booking

  • Workshops take place on Saturday and Sunday from 10.00am-3.00pm
  • All art equipment is provided (photos, pencils, charcoals, paper)
  • Fee: €100  Location: LUCAN, Fforster Lawn
  • 1 hour lunchtime
  • Complimentary tea, coffee & biscuit